Article I – Purpose of the project

The European Summer Music Academy (ESMA) is a project that aims to exchange the experience among European professors, artists and students of music from South Western European and other countries. The project should contribute to foster mutual understanding in the region by bringing together students and professor from different countries and communities.

Article II – Working language

The working language of the ESMA is English. Therefore, all participants should have a good knowledge of English.

Article III – Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest between students and professors participants in ESMA 2017 are forbidden, as they jeopardize the independent and professional goals as well as the progress of this Academy.

Article IV – Working and studying during the ESMA days.

Students have the opportunity to work on master classes with well-known musicians experienced in both, concert and academic fields.

Each student attends the same amount of master classes based on their studies such as singing, instrumental, or chamber music. They can participate in one or more master classes depending on the number of the other participants. During the ESMA, students should continuously study and hence improve their skills.

On the other hand, the professors should maximize their efforts in order to pass their best knowledge and experience to the student participants.

Article V – Obligations of students and implementing partner from the Republic of Kosovo

Students who apply to participate in ESMA should fulfil all the conditions outlined in the application form. Students are expected to actively participate in the master classes with their respective professors and work individually afterwards. If selected, students perform at the public concerts organized within the ESMA.

The local implementer provides accommodation and other organizational support to the students. The implementer is also in charge of fundraising as well as administrative support for all ESMA concerts. The head of the board of the ESMA further fulfils other obligations as per the agreement with the embassies and other partners and sponsors.


Article VI – Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is responsible for a successful progress and artistic level of the ESMA. As the head of the board of ESMA, he/she is responsible for the concert programs based on suggestions of the academic staff. The Artistic Director approves student nominations for all concert performances. He/she should ensure good communication and work atmosphere among professors and between professors and students. He can make suggestions to the local implementer and organizer about new activities or events of ESMA.

Article VII – Selection of the Academic staff

Professors are selected by the Artistic Director based on his/her artistic concepts of the Academy and in a close partnership not only with the foreign embassies in Kosovo as the Academy’s main sponsors but with other sponsors as well. On the first day of ESMA, professors will set up schedules of master classes based on specifics programs and the number of the student participants in each discipline.

It is important to ensure the same amount of master classes for each student of ESMA. The professors in cooperation with the Artistic Director decide on the programs and students who performer for the public rehearsals and concerts.

Article VIII – Public Concerts

After public evening rehearsals and concerts of the ESMA, each professor individually evaluates the performance of each student participant on their master class.  The Artistic Director takes into consideration the professors’ suggestions and then approves the list of the students who will perform at the ESMA concerts including the closing one and also the program of the closing concert.

Article IX – The Professors’ Concerts

One or two concerts of professors will take place within the ESMA. The program of these concerts will be prepared prior to the ESMA via communication with the Artistic Director.

Article X –The Closing Concert

Based on the suggestions of professors and the on context of the ESMA, the Artistic Director selects the closing concert program which should not be longer than 120 minutes.

The closing concert includes an individual program of the ESMA Festival Orchestra and also different artistic works from participating students.

The student participants at the closing concert perform as soloists or members of the chamber music ensembles.

All students of ESMA receive an ESMA diploma at the end of the Academy.

Article XI – Charter parties

All participants in the ESMA 2017 should agree and respect this Agreement.

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