Platform of European Summer Music Academy in Kosovo

Gjakova 2017

The European Summer Music Academy (ESMA) in Kosovo is a project that intends to exchange the best knowledge and experiences among music professors, students and artists from the Western and South Eastern Europe. This project encourages students and professors from different countries of the region to get together and make music together.

The students participants in the ESMA seasons have the opportunity to attend masterclasses and work as well with well-known musicians, performers or/and academics.

The European Summer Music Academy 2017 will take place in the city of Gjakova, one of the most cultural cities of Kosovo, from July 10 to 24 2017.

For the first time in the ESMA’s history, a new event, International Orchestral Days, will be launched. In this light, a new Symphonic Orchestra with participation of young string, woodwind, brass and percussion musicians will be created. The beginning of the intensive working period of the orchestra consists of sectional rehearsals under the direction of experienced teachers, as a preparation for the rehearsals with full orchestra and conductor, taking place afterwards. After the official 10-day preparation’s period, the Festival Symphonic Orchestra of ESMA will perform a complete symphonic program in concerts in Gjakova, Prishtina and Tetovo (FYR of Macedonia)

Our focus for this year will be once again on further artistic and orchestral education of the participants and also on successful collaborations among various groups of students, guest professors and artistic programs.

The participation on the orchestral masterclasses depends on the availability and also on the participants’ previous orchestral experience.

Masterclasses for piano and orchestral conducting will be also available during the ESMA 2017 days.

The official language of ESMA is English; hence, all students should have a good ability of understanding and speaking English.

Let’s make music together. HERE IN GJAKOVA! NOW!