Platform of European Summer Music Academy in Kosovo

Gjakova 2016

The European Summer Music Academy (ESMA) in Kosovo is a project that intends to exchange the best knowledge and experiences among the music professors, students and artists from the Western and Southwestern Europe. This project encourages students and professors from different countries of the region to get together and make music together.

The European Summer Music Academy 2016 will take place in the city of Gjakova, one of the most cultural cities of Kosovo.

During the ESMA days all students participants will have the opportunity to attend the masterclasses leaded by and work with well-known musicians, performers or/and academics. They can select available programs based on their academic studies, such as singing, instrument or chamber music.

At the same time they can attend other programs of their interest, depending on their availability. By participating in these programs, all students will gain new knowledge, skills and experiences.

The chamber music will be a special feature of ESMA 2016. Our focus will be on the further artistic education of the participants, continuing the successful collaboration of the last year among various groups of participants and artistic programs.

Not only the students, but also the guest professors will have the opportunity to collaborate with the local ones, especially with the professors from the region and share this way their best respective academic experiences.

Based on the exceptional experience of the last year, The Festival String Orchestra will be also part of the ESMA 2016.  This new tradition that started during the ESMA 2015 will carry on in 2016 and years to come.

The official language of ESMA is English, hence all students should have a good ability of understanding and speaking English.

Let’s make music together. HERE IN GJAKOVA! NOW!