The Association of Pianists of Kosovo “Bell’Arte Kosova”

The Association of Pianists of Kosovo “Bell’Arte Kosova” was founded in Pristina on December 19, 2006. The members of this association contribute their generous efforts and determinations to various areas of cultural and artistic life in Kosovo and beyond. They are not only presenting their own personal achievements but also aiming to making the Piano Schools of Kosovo known across the country.

“Bell’Arte Kosova” intends to approach the music lovers and team up with them towards spreading out the piano performing art in particular and classical music in general.

In this context, “Bell’Arte Kosova” is open to all music lovers and academic and artistic engagements in Kosovo and abroad.

Some of the objectives of “Bell’Arte Kosova” are carrying out the wonderful traditions of our national culture, supporting the new generation of pianists from Kosovo in every aspect, and organizing the Annual International Competition “The New Pianist”

In 2018 “Bell’Arte Kosova” will take on the role of a local association that will support and partner with the 7th European Summer Music Academy, ESMA, which will take place in the city of Gjakova on August 22 – 31 2018

The members of the Board of the “Bell’Arte Kosova” are:

Vlora Baruti, Pianist, Piano Teacher
Agron Shujaku, Pianist, Piano Teacher
Vita Guhelli, Soprano

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