Desar Sulejmani

Executive and Artistic Director of the European Summer Music Academy
Masterclasses of Piano, Chamber Music and Conducting

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear young musicians, friends of the European Summer Music Academy in Kosovo,

I am very thrilled that we are about to start another season of the ESMA and very happy that the ESMA 2018 will take place once again in Gjakova, one of the most cultural city of Kosovo.

This is the 7th season in a row of the ESMA, an unique institution of its kind in the region of Southeast Europe. This fact fills me with such a great joy.

The Academy is already transformed in a tradition, which constitutes an undisputed success of its context.

The solo playing and establishing chamber music ensembles will be the main structure of ESMA 2018. Through the ideas and modern concepts of this structure, the ESMA aims primary to expand the knowledge of the young classic musicians in the region about the solo and several styles of chamber music performances. This way ESMA hopes to become to these young musicians an important part of their professional artistic journey.

We are aware that the ESMA, as an artistic academic institution that launched its activities in 2012, has always room for improvements, extensions and amendments of its platforms and programs in order to fulfil artistic and musical needs of the young artists in the region as much as possible.

In this regard I am very delighted to announce The International Masterclasses. This is a wonderful opportunity for young musicians in Kosovo and abroad who would work with well-known personalities in the solo and chamber music performing education field. They will convey their own best knowledge and performing experiences across Europe to the students.

Masterclasses for singing, piano, violin, viola, violoncello, flute, oboe, trumpet, and percussion, chamber music for woodwinds and brass ensembles and composition will be available in the ESMA 2018.

An online registration tool is again available in the ESMA’s website. The new website of the Academy we launched last year has become a great source of information for young musicians interested to participate in the ESMA 2018.

Working close with the local association “Bell’Arte Kosova”, the School of Music “Prenk Jakova”, the Palace of Culture “Asim Vokshi” and with the generous help of the Municipality of Gjakova, local association Kosova ARS, School of Music “Tefta Tashko Koço” and the museum of the city of Mitrovica, I am confident that we will deliver a very professional Academy, unique in its category, with intensive orchestral training, many excellent concerts and other various activities to all participants during the 9 days of this year season.

Once again I would like to express my deep appreciations and thanks to the European Embassies in Kosovo (Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, Embassy of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Czech Republic), and also the Rotary Club Aachen Land in Germany.

Without their support, the ESMA 2018 would not have been possible.

Our friends’ remarkable support matters so much to all organizers and participants of ESMA.

Come and join the academic journey of ESMA 2018 and be part of this challenging season and concerts in the beautiful and welcoming cities of Gjakova and Mitrovica.

Come and support us with your presence in our concerts and other activities.

Let’s make music together! Here in Gjakova! NOW!

Executive and Artistic Director of the European Summer Music Academy in Kosovo